The law firm Martín Molina joins the Madrid Platform business ecosystem – the first ever international business HUB between Europe and Latin America

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  • The law firm and team of economists Martín Molina has signed a collaboration agreement with Madrid Platform, that sees it offering its support as an Gold Partner. The firm thus becomes part of the first ever international business HUB between Europe and Latin America, which aims to cement the Spanish capital as a center for international synergies.


  • Madrid Platform is promoting the city of Madrid as a natural bridge for SMEs in Europe and Latin America and to this end is organizing an event (physical, semi-virtual and completely virtual) for May 2021. Madrid Platform is emerging as one of the main levers of the economic reactivation plan envisaged by Madrid City Council, which is actively supporting the project as Official Partner.


  • Madrid Platform already has the active support of Madrid City Council and a wide range of public and private institutions, including the airline Iberia, as well as companies such as Ferrovial and CBRE. What’s more, most of Europe’s Chambers of Commerce are set to actively participate, as well as the Ibero-American General Secretariat, the Council of Ibero-American Companies, the Foundation for Young Ibero-American Entrepreneurs, the Euro-America Foundation and the Organization of Ibero-American States.


Madrid, February 24, 2021 | MSH Global, through the company Madrid Eventos Congresos y Convenciones (MECC), and law firm Martín Molina  have signed a collaboration agreement aimed at fostering cooperation ahead of the event “Madrid Platform”, scheduled for May 2021. The agreement seeks to promote the visibility and broaden the scope of this international business ecosystem as an opportunity for growth and connection between companies, chiefly    SMEs, from both Europe and Latin America.  

With more than 20 years of experience, law firm Martín Molina specializes in bankruptcy administration, account auditing, comprehensive advice to companies in financial and tax matters and accounting, business restructuring and expert reports. In addition, they are specialists in managing legal proceedings in accounting, commercial and labor matters. The firm is firmly committed to training, and offers a range of skills development programs aimed at fostering strategic alliances between European and Latin American educational institutions, thereby helping to bridge the gap between the academic world and company needs for qualified professionals in a landscape increasingly shaped by the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution.

Martín Molina has developed the first Ibero-American Observatory of Entrepreneurship, Re-entrepreneurship and Recycling, for the study and detection of business growth opportunities,. The Observatory explores new work models that require a global and international system for the transfer of knowledge. The ultimate aim is to endow Spanish-speaking countries with a competitive advantage over to other emerging markets.

Martín Molina sees in this alliance an opportunity for the development and visibility of  its training programs and legal support services to companies in Latin America. Not only does the project – which seeks to connect SMEs and European and Latin American institutions – embrace a wide and diverse range of sectors, but it also enjoys the strategic support of Madrid’s City Council as Official Partner, which seeks to position the capital as a key business hub for the different regions of the country, boost the city’s international presence, and foster its potential for growth and exports, while also generating synergies between companies on both sides of the Arlantic. 

The firm Martín Molina thus joins the thriving ecosystem of SMEs and institutions that Madrid Platform is nurturing with the goal of promoting Madrid as a bridge between Europe and Latin America and a meeting point for business

Signing the agreement today, Pedro Martín Molina, founder and president of the Martín Molina firm, said that “it is a great pleasure to participate in this project, where we’ll be able to provide solutions to companies embarking on expansion or a restructuring of their business. We’ll be putting our 20 years of experience at the service of SMEs ”. Meanwhile, the director of Madrid Platform, Carlos Morales, stressed during the signing that having niche partners, in this case from the worlds of law and economics, and one as committed to Madrid Platform as the Martín Molina law firm, offers great opportunities to the other companies that are part of the first ever business hub  between Europe and Latin America.

Madrid Platform: the first ever international business HUB between Europe and Latin America

Madrid Platform was created to address the need for a natural meeting space for companies from Europe and Latin America. It envisages Madrid as a strategic bridge for business between both continents. The project, which has the active support of the Madrid City Council, aims to connect SMEs from different sectors through one-on-one meetings to explore real business opportunities, as well as hear from a wide range of experts on issues such as the future of work as we embrace the so-called “new normal”. 

To further these goals, the organization is preparing a hybrid event (physical and virtual)  for May 2021, with the aim of starting a conversation with leading experts on key topics of interest on the global agenda and, specifically, aspects that directly affect Ibero-American countries. The event is set to welcome participants from 500 companies and institutions, and from 20 countries, and will see 3,000 attendees take part in more than 1,500 meetings and other events  – including 300 entrepreneurs and investors who’ll be attending Ágora on-on-one meetings. 

During the presentation of the project by Madrid’s City Council on October 7 (read report), the Deputy Mayor, Begoña Villacís, explained that the project “was already part of the City Council’s reactivation strategy” and that  Madrid “needs to become the best city in the world to work in” and become a benchmark for the generation of business ideas in the new post-COVID-19 business world.

The collaboration agreement

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The agreement enables Martín Molina to participate in the wide range of seminars and forums due to take place during the Madrid Platform event, as well as one-on-one business meetings. These business meetings are face-to-face encounters, specifically designed to increase positive business outcomes for companies attending the event, either in person or virtually. Madrid Platform, whose organizers have a successful track record of more than 20 years, will be setting up a wide and varied schedule of meetings across all sectors and with companies that are actively seeking synergies with other participants. 

What’s more, as part of their agreement, Martín Molina and Madrid Platform are to develop an an initiative called Madrid Platform Academy, focused on training and talent for new professions and the future of work. It will connect universities and professional training to the world of business with an innovative, multidisciplinary and multi-generational approach. 

Martín Molina will thus have access to one of the most innovative and visionary events in the business calendar, and one which enhances Madrid’s position as a cultural, institutional and business bridge between countries and continents. The law firm lauded the commitment of Madrid’s City Council to supporting Madrid Platform as a strategic lever for economic recovery, and one that will position the city as a bridge for companies and institutions from Europe and Latin America.

The Director of Madrid Platform, Carlos Morales, said he was convinced that the participation of Martín Molina will be of great value to the companies and other institutions who are teaming up with Madrid Platform to promote the city as an International Hub and natural meeting point for businesses.  It is a highly prestigious firm in the Spanish legal field, he said, and one that has enormous growth potential in Latin America and Europe, and whose commitment to training and social revitalization projects is closely aligned with the future vocation of Madrid Platform. 


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