Business Briefings


Business meetings are held in a face-to-face format, and are specifically designed to increase the rate of successful business outcomes for companies attending the event, whether in person or virtually. Thanks to the more than 20 years of experience of the organizing company, at Madrid Platform we are able to set up meetings across a wide range of sectors. We’re confident of a successful outcome rate of around 60%. .

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Increase your chances of a successful business outcome

Join up to 10 One-on-One meetings. This system of face-to-face meetings with previously screened companies seeking synergies, will allow you to significantly increase the possibility of closing a business deal. And if you’re unable to attend for any reason, you can schedule 5 additional meetings for later.

Access all areas of the event

When you sign up for the business meetings, you can access the following areas of Madrid Platform, subject to capacity: Interpretation Area, Networking Area, Business Meetings, Workshops and Talks.